5 Good reasons to use Paper Party Bags

Posted on 30th August 2012
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More and more parents are choosing to use paper party bags instead of plastic loot bags these days, this is not to say that there is anything wrong with plastic loot bags as you can buy them in great themes, however paper bags just seems more up market and there is alot you can do with them too. Here's some good reasons why for your child's next birthday party, you should try our great range of paper party bags (if you haven't already that is!):

1. They are totally ECO-FRIENDLY! All of our paper bags can be recycled including our paper bags with handles as the handles are actually made out of twisted paper. So get 'greener' and help save the environment!
2. They come in wide variety of plain colours and look amazing laid out on a party table. They are sure to impress those young party guests and their parents too for that matter! After all you want your guests to go away with a great looking party bag which reflects on a great party!
3. As the paper bags are plain, you can decorate them as you wish. Why not get the kids to do this at the party. This is a great way to keep them entertained for a while whilst they decorate their bags ready to take home and show their parents. All you'll need is some art and craft materials.
4. You can personalise them. We sell a lovely range of hand personalised paper bags as well as personalised party bag tags which are great to attach to our paper bags with handles. Kids love to see their name written on the their party bags and it will also help with handing out the party bags, ensuring that everyone attending has one.
5. You can fit so much more in them! Many parents like giving books as gifts and these paper bags are ideal to put them in. You will also find a wide range of great party bag fillers for boys and girls on our site too.

We also sell our paper bags as an all on one kit, which includes a paper bag with handle, a 'thank you' tag, a sheet of tissue paper and a stripe candy bag to put either the birthday cake or sweets in.
Take a look at our party bag kits, they are great value for money.

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