5 Great Tips on Giving Out Birthday Cake at a Child's Party.

Posted on 17th July 2011
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At a child's party more often than not a lovely cake is either made or bought, everyone sings happy birthday, the child blows out the candles and then the cake is cut up, a slice is wrapped in a paper napkin for kids to take home and then it is squashed to bits before they can eat it!
Here are some great tips on how to give out birthday cake and avoid this from happening.

1. Eat the cake at the same time as the party food:
It is common practice for kids to sit down and relish all the party food and then after some more play and entertainment, gather them round for the birthday song and candle blowing.
Well by this stage, children are distracted and not that bothered about eating the cake. The best way around this is to start off with the presentation of the birthday cake when all the children are sat at the table and you have their full attention.
They can all sing happy birthday, candles are blown out then they can all tuck into the party food. The cake can then be cut up into pieces and put on the food table and the children can enjoy it at the same time.

2. Give out Fairy cakes or Cup Cakes:
This is becoming more and more popular! Instead of having a birthday cake you can lay out some of the cupcakes with a candle in each. So if a child is aged 4, you can display 4 cupcakes. The rest of the cakes can either be eaten at the party or presented in lovely little cupcake boxes or cello bags and given out to each child as a going home treat.

3. Use Cake Boxes
You can buy inexpensive boxes specially designed for cake slices or cupcakes.
These look great when handed out at the end of the party and the cake won't get squashed either!

4. Use Grease Proof Bags or Cello Bags
This would be the cheaper alternative to using boxes. There is still a risk that the cake will get a bit squashed when carried home, but it least it will all be retained in the bag rather than soaking through a napkin. It will look much better too.

5. Go for Cake Pops:
Cake Pops are increasing in popularity, they are basically a ball of cake on a stick, like a lollipop. Certainly fun to make if you are feeling adventurous!
You can just as easily buy them in so many different designs and flavours, they look fabulous presented in a small clear cello bag and tied with a ribbon.

Whichever method you choose to present the birthday cake, don't forget we have some great 1st birthday candles and kids birthday candles too!
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