5 Great ways to make the most of Party Boxes

Posted on 6th February 2013
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Party boxes have become as popular as using party bags and we have sold hundreds over the last few weeks! This is because they are stylish, practical, eco-friendly and big enough to hold a manner of gifts.
A party box doesn’t just stop at being a great party bag alternative, there are other uses too.

If you’ve never come across party boxes before, here are 5 tips on what you can do with them:

1. Use it instead of a Party Bag

Use a party box instead of a bag. You can buy party boxes in a range of lovely colours as well as lots of different themes such as Fairy boxes, Pirate boxes and many other designs too.
The good thing about a party box is that it is big enough to fit most party bag toys in and even small books. It has a perforated section, so if you have any pencils or longer items, you can simply open up this flap and it will nicely sit in the box.
So basically use the box in the same way as you would a party bag. You can fit a piece of cake in the box as well as party bag toys & gifts.

2. Personalise your Party Box

Make your party boxes unique and stand out by ordering handcrafted personalised party boxes from us at Best Kids Party or you can make your own creation.
We have added lovely themed personalised gift tags to our party boxes and you can add a name or a short message of your choice.

3. Use them as part of a craft activity

At the party, why not get the children to decorate their own box. White boxes are better to use, just provide them with crayons, felt tip pens, craft materials and let them have fun. They’ll probably be more enthused with their creations than what’s inside the box!

4. They make great food/picnic boxes:

It’s actually much easier making a little snack box for each child than laying the table with a whole load of food that they can’t all reach or knock over etc.
This saves on having to buy paper plates as each box can accommodate enough food.
These boxes are even better if you’re planning a garden party or picnic in the park in warmer months. You can also label the boxes for any children with special dietary needs.

5. Sweet Treat Boxes

You can use the party boxes, specifically for a slice of cake, cupcake and/or sweets.
It’s much better and looks more appealing to put a piece of birthday cake in a box rather than squashed in a paper napkin.

You will find a whole load of party boxes for kids on our site, including party boxes that are hand personalised and ready to use.


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