5 Quick and Easy Ideas for Halloween Party Food

Posted on 10th October 2012
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Whether you are having a full blown Halloween party this month or just want to impress your kids with a few Halloween treats for tea, here are 5 finger food ideas that are quick and easy to make and will look very effective!

1. Pizza Mummies - You can cut out round pieces of thick sliced bread or use plain English Muffins sliced in half. Spread some tomato paste on the round and cover with cheese strips.
You can use thin slices of cheese or even cheese strings. To make eyes, slice up an olive. Grill the round pizzas until the cheese has melted slightly and the bread is toasted.

2. Jammy Witch Fingers - Make jam sanwiches and cut them into thin fingers. Add a small blob of jam at one end to create a finger nail.

3. Dracula Fangs - Cut an apple into wedges. On the outside if the wedge add a blob of cream cheese. To create the sharp fangs, get some crisps and break into shards. Stick a couple of crisp shards into the blob of cream cheese at either end.

4. Severed Toes - Wrap one end of a cocktail sausage with a thin piece of tortilla wrap to create a bandage. Then put some ketchup on the other end of the sausage to create blood.

5. Wobbly Worm Pudding - Make a mould of lime jelly and add some Jelly Worms to the mixture. Once Set turn it out on a plate and serve.

Why not get your kids to dress up for their Halloween Tea? We have some fab spooky kids costumes and face paint kits to create the scary look!

If you are having a party, we have some cool Halloween themed Party Bags to choose from and great party bag fillers too!

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