A good reason to personalise your kids party bags!

Posted on 2nd October 2012
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A way of personalising a party bag is to add a name or message to the bag.
This can be done in so many unique ways, whether it's writing it on the bag, printing it on, sewing it on or adding a label or a tag.
Personalised party bags not only look impressive, but they can really make things so much easier on the day of the party.
Of course if you're having a big party it can be tricky trying to get the names of all the children attending, but if you're organised enough to make a list and chase up replies in plenty of time, there really is no reason why you can't get a list of the guests coming. If there are some guests that don't confirm in time and you are not sure whether they will just turn up, you can always arrange a few 'spare' party bags that are unnamed.
At the end of a party, kid's are usually full of energy and fired up from the fun and games and the consumption of sweets in some cases! They are so excited and can't wait to grab their party bags before they leave. I've seen many parties where kids swarm the poor mother or birthday child as they try and hand out the party bags and some kids end up with two in their hands, or an unexpected sibling ends up taking one! This can then leave a child without a party bag getting very upset especially if you have no spares!
The best way to avoid this is to personalise your party bags if you can!
If you've accounted for all the children that are attending the party and added their name to the party bags or a short message such as 'Thanks for coming Jessica' it's so much easier to hand out the party bags at the end of a party. This way every child receives their party bag and no one can escape with two bags or someone elses!
If there are a few unaccounted for children, you can either give them a spare party bag or a smaller token gift such as sweet or a small toy, just so that they don't feel left out and get upset.

Kids actually love receiving party bags with their names on them, it makes them feel quite special!
We have lots of personalised party bags to choose from as well a wide range of plain kids party bags if you prefer to personalise them yourself.

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