A Great Way to Cut the Cost of a Child's Party.

Posted on 27th June 2011
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Children’s parties or any party for that matter can be very costly indeed. One of the best ways to cut the costs of a party is to share the party!
For those who have never shared or considered sharing a party before, here are some great tips of how to go about it.

Decide who you would like to share the party with:
It is vital to check with your child first! Some children just simply do not want to share their party at all and that’s fair enough, but of course with a little persuasion perhaps suggest a few friends or relatives and then ask them to choose a child they would like to share with. It is probably better to share a party with one other child rather two or three children as not only would it be more manageable, your child would still want to feel special on the day and not have the limelight taken away from them.
If your child is at school perhaps they could share a party with another child whose birthday is around the same time. Either way whoever you decide to share with, it’s important that both children are happy about it.

When and Where to have the Party:
Team up with the other parent and between your selves decide on a suitable date and venue. Remember that you may have to compromise and come to an agreement.
Suggest a play date with the other parent and while the kids are playing together you can discuss this with the other parent.

Who does what:
Make a list together of who you’d like to invite then start to plan out tasks.
There are invitations to be written and sent out – perhaps you could get the kids involved in this if they are older and they could either make or write the invites out themselves.
There are many things to plan out such as a party entertainer, party supplies and decorations, food, party bags and the list goes on.
Another benefit of sharing a party is having another opinion and ideas and the fact that you can split tasks rather than worrying about trying to do everything!

At the Party:
Teaming up with another parent is great because you then have help at the party too especially if you have decided to do your own party entertainment!
Make a fuss of both children equally at the party and it’s better to have two separate cakes with candles so that they can blow them out together or take it in turns if they prefer.

It's definitely worth considering sharing a party if you are on a tight budget and would still like to be able to give your child a wonderful party!

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