A Truly Memorable Kids Party Experience!

Posted on 2nd June 2013
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We've asked parents to share their most interesting children's party experiences with us and have been inspired by one particular mum who told us all about the fun had at her son's 3rd birthday party.
They celebrated at a shop called Make Scents in Hartlepool where the kids got to make bath bombs!
Here is Deborah Smith's story of her son's special day:

"Something very strange happens when you enter the shop, it's like stepping into a different world. The children are encouraged to mix potions, make crafts, has to be said....make mess! They love it! And parents have a cuppa in their hand before you know it!
This is the reason we decided on the party at this venue.
Heidi (shop owner) asked my little boy what he wanted to make at his party, he chose bath bombs and then "magic bath fizz" very intriguing! After everyone arrived we set about making bath bombs, all the children chose their own scent, colour and added exactly what they wanted from Heidi's "glitter and confetti" stash! Ooohhh we all love a bit of bling! After this was good time, a fantastic buffet made by Heidi, kids ate just about everything! Parents were also spotted nibbling! Lol! Then after cake time and happy birthday singing the kids made "magic bath fizz". Now this was fun! It consisted of the kids putting all the ingredients in their pots, choosing their scents and then Heidi flying round like a mad woman adding different colours to every pot! Again for good measure, glitter was added! Then the children made body scrub for their parents! Amazing! After all this fun the children were all given party bags on the way out! Fantastic full afternoon had by everyone! Children and parents alike!
I believe in always mentioning good service as I feel it's something that has been forgotten about for so long. I lose track of the times I go into the supermarket and the cashier chats constantly to someone else while serving me, and some don't even say please and thank you. So I really must stress how fantastic "makes scents" is. Heidi gives this business so much attention, and it shows! Nothing is a trouble, she has 2 lovely children herself who quite often help and play at the shop and she's just so good with kids. They walk in and are allowed from that moment to just express themselves! We have never experienced anything like this shop ever before! It's truly an amazing experience! I have recommended this place to so many people, and they all love it too! Heidi has a sign as you go into the shop saying "enter as strangers, leave as friends" sums it up really!"
Here is a photo of everyone getting stuck in:

Well they certainly had a super time, a big thank you to Deborah for sharing her party experience with us!
Also well done to Heidi of Make Scents in Hartlepool - keep it up!

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