Back to School - Already!!

Posted on 29th July 2013
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I always find it strange to see 'Back to School' everywhere on the high street, when the poor kids have barely broken up from school for the summer! Give them a break!!

Saying that..... I have to confess that I have aleady bought my kids their new school shoes ready for September. Only reason being is that retailers are bound to run out of stock come end Aug, beginning September!

I guess it's always good to think ahead, especially if you're planning to go away in August and don't want to rush and get things last minute.

I still have to get 'name' labels for them, but one thing I don't have to worry about getting are their PE/Gym bags.

We have got some lovely 100% cotton Personalised PE/Gym Bags here on our site, that come in lots of fun designs for boys and girls.

These bags have a drawstring and can be easily cleaned on a delicate wash.

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