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Party in 2015
Posted on 7th January 2015

Happy New Year to all our customers!

We will be developing lots of great products this year so that you can give your little darlings a birthday they won't forget!

PASS THE PARCEL - We will be increasing our range of pass the parcel games. We are so pleased to say that our exclusive pass the parcel boxes have been incredibly popular and we will continue to develop them in different designs.
Our traditional style pass the parcel games have been great too and we will be producing a few more designs to add to our range so look out for these over the next few weeks.

FILLED PARTY BAGS - Being parents ourselves, we understand that families don't want to spend too much on party bags, but still want to give something substantial that looks good too!
We already have a range of great value filled party bags, but there is always room for improvement and we will be developing this category much further in the coming months.

PARTY BAGS WITH A PERSONAL TOUCH - Our personalised party bags, especially the fabric bags have been so popular since we started doing them. Giving out personalised bags is such a lovely touch, it's a great way to show that the child was welcome at the party and a great way to thank them for coming.
Look out for lots more new designs to follow.

We have lots of party tableware in childrens themes, such as Disney Princess, Hello Kitty, Spiderman, Bob the Builder and generic themes too.
We have put many of these ranges on SALE with upto half price savings, so take a look at our sale section to grab a bargain. We need to make space in our stockroom for lots more exciting ranges so please help clear some space!

If you have shopped with us before, I'm sure you will be able to say that order arrived in speedy time as we do our best to process orders and get them posted as fast as we can. We hope that you shop with us again for your child's birthday this year too!
If you have not yet shopped with us, we hope you find our website easy to use and enjoy your shopping experience with us this year!

Best Wishes

Best Kids Party x




Halloween Party Fun!
Posted on 9th October 2014

22 days till Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!....remember that song from the movie?

If you're planning a party for this kids this year, there are many great games you can play to keep them on their toes.
But if you want them to settle down a bit but still have lots of fun, then Pass The Parcel is the game you are looking for!

We have adapted our exclusive Pass the Parcel Boxes to a Halloween theme and have filled them with lots of scary toys & sweets. Each box is wrapped and decorated with a Halloween design label which can be personalised with a message for no additional cost. All the gifts are individually wrapped and nestled amongst heaps of red blood shredded tissue paper!


The boxes range from a party small party of 8 to a bigger party upto 24 guests.
You can see the full range of Halloween Pass The Parcel Games under Halloween party on our website.

The Sun is out!
Posted on 16th May 2014

The Sun is out, and we have a great range of summery party bag fillers to end a great party.

New in: Star Sunglasses

  Let them be the star of the party with these cool shades, available in bright summery colours.
  The tinted plastic lens do pop out, so they can wear them with or without.
  (Just in case: these are not proper sunglasses and will not offer any form of UV protection!)
  It's just a bit of fun!


 We also have these fun design plastic shades.






  Kids will have so much fun watching water burst out of the balloons!




  They will be tweeting like birds on a summer's day!
  Just fill with a bit of water and whistle away!




These are just a few of the type of party bag toys we have in our shop. Just click here to view the full range.


Brighter Days!
Posted on 15th May 2014

The days are getting longer, the sun is making an appearance and the birds are singing.
Time to start planning that outdoors party! Yes we have been blessed with plenty of rain over the last few weeks, but if your child's party is coming up soon, it's looking hopeful.

Whether you have booked an entertainer or not, when the weather is nice, it's always good to let the children get some fresh air at some point over the length of your party. You can either plan a few outdoor party games such as Pass the Parcel or a sporty activity game. If you don't wish to play games outside, then how about having the party food outside. This way it will keep the mess down to minimum and you will have less cleaning up to do in the house!

Garden parties are always a popular choice especially from June onwards. We have lots of cheerful tableware themes suitable for an outdoor party, along with bright coloured party bags and party boxes.

Browse our website and take a look.......we will soon be adding some new design party boxes, so keep an eye out!

The Christmas Buzz
Posted on 14th November 2013

It's mid November and the Christmas buzz has well and truly started!
All the shops now have Christmas as the focus and I've already started my shopping...well for my kids at least.

Our Christmas shop is up & running and we have already made up loads of party bags and Pass the Parcel games!
We are still doing our lovely Santa Sacks which can be personalised with a name or short message and have added another two gorgeous festive designs. Each sack is made from 100% cotton which is completely eco-friendly!
The sacks are big enough to fill with lots of toys & gifts and it has a drawstring closure & handle, so it can be easily lifted and carried.


If you're planning a Christmas party for the kids, we have some great value festive tableware (paper plates, cups, napkins & tablecovers).
For party fun, try out one of our exclusive Pass the Parcel Games - it's sure to keep them entertained for a while!

And.....don't forget those important party bags!!

To see the full range in our Christmas party shop - just click HERE

Happy Xmas shopping!

Netmums Awards - Finalist
Posted on 5th September 2013

Over the summer months, we were pleased to become a finalist in the Netmums Party Awards 2013.
The voting closed towards the end August, and unfortunately for our region (Greater London) we were beaten to the top spot by a party supplier that specialises in bouncy castle hire and equipment.

Hey ho, never mind....... we will try again next year!

We do have a great badge though that we've now added to our site!

Eid Celebration Party Bags
Posted on 12th August 2013

The weekend just gone, all Muslims celebrated Eid, which is a religious festival that marks the end of fasting in Ramadan.
So Happy Eid (Eid Mubarak) to all our Muslim customers!

Eid is a special time where families and friends gather and have a party with lots of fun and food! It is especially great for children as they usually get lots of presents and money.

We were very busy towards the end of last week, churning out party bags for Eid celebrations.
Party bags are not just used for birthdays, but lots of special occasions too such as Eid, Christenings, Name days, Jewish celebrations etc. It's the perfect time to light up those young faces and give them a treat!

Our personalised party boxes were very popular, as well as our ready filled party bags, which are filled with great pocket money toys.



Back to School - Already!!
Posted on 29th July 2013

I always find it strange to see 'Back to School' everywhere on the high street, when the poor kids have barely broken up from school for the summer! Give them a break!!

Saying that..... I have to confess that I have aleady bought my kids their new school shoes ready for September. Only reason being is that retailers are bound to run out of stock come end Aug, beginning September!

I guess it's always good to think ahead, especially if you're planning to go away in August and don't want to rush and get things last minute.

I still have to get 'name' labels for them, but one thing I don't have to worry about getting are their PE/Gym bags.

We have got some lovely 100% cotton Personalised PE/Gym Bags here on our site, that come in lots of fun designs for boys and girls.

These bags have a drawstring and can be easily cleaned on a delicate wash.

Take a look at our full range of these lovely Personalised Fabric PE/Gym Bags