Great Ideas for a Ballerina Party.

Posted on 18th June 2012
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Ballerina themed parties are still very popular, especially amongst girls aged 2 and 8 years old, so here are some great ideas to keep those little ballerina's on their tip toes:

1. Party Invitations:
There are many Ballerina design invitations you can buy or you can try and be different and make your own.
Write or print out the party details on a piece of pink or white paper then roll it up and tie with a pink ribbon.
If you are good at art you can design your own ballerina invite or try cutting out a ballet shoe shape out of a piece of card or paper and write your details on there.
Don't forget to ask your guests to come dressed in a ballerina costume!

2. Party Tableware and Decorations:
We have a lovely new range of Ballerina paper plates, cups and tableware. Pink or white is the most popular colour associated with Ballerinas, so you can buy any design that is related to ballerinas, fairies or just have plain pink and white tableware.
For decorations you can use coordinating banners and pink and white balloons.
Why not try cutting out lots of pink paper ballet shoes and threading them through string to create a ballerina garland. This will look effective draped across the room!
For another great effect, sprinkle the tables with silver or iridescent confetti which are available in lots of different shapes. You could lay the food tables with little ballerina tiaras so that each girl can wear their tiara when sat at the table to eat.

3. Ballerina Party Games:
Great if you have decided to hire an entertainer who can come dressed in full ballet gear and provide all the entertainment. However if you haven't or can't afford one then here's some great games to keep them on their toes:

Musical Ballerina Strike a Pose - the same idea as the classic musical statues game where the children have to do lots of ballet moves and when the music stops they have to freeze and strike a pose.

Ballerina Musical Chairs - The children ballet dance around a set of chairs and when the music stops they have to find a chair to sit on. Each round a chair is taken away until the last chair is sat on by a lucky winner.

Pin the Tutu on the Ballerina - Draw out a ballerina on a large piece of card or paper or find a picture of a Ballerina that you can enlarge on a copier. Make a tutu shape out of card, decorate and stick some tack on the back. Each child then takes it in turns to be blindfolded and attempt to stick the tutu on the ballerina picture.

Pass the Ballerina Box - Cover a Cardboard box with ballerina wrapping paper or decorate with pink fabrics, paper, tissue paper to make it look pretty. Cut out a hole on the box and fill with wrapped up little gifts such as sweets, toys, pencils, books. The children sit round in a circle and pass the box to each other to music. When the music stops the child holding the box gets to pull out a gift.

Apart from the above games, you can do activities such as face painting or tattoos.
The children can also get crafty and make a special item to take home such as a decorated picture frame or ballerina fabric bag.

4. Ballerina Party Food

Here's some great ideas for food to have:

Finger foods - Little dainty finger foods work best, things like finger or heart shaped sandwiches, Pizza slices, vegetable sticks, cheese strips.

Something Fruity - Cut up pieces of fresh fruit and thread on cocktail sticks or you can buy sticks with ballerina motifs. You can try adding marshmallows in between the fruit to make it even more exciting.

Something Sweet - Make some cupcakes and decorate with pink icing and sparkly edible toppings or even heart shaped cookies with pink icing and decorations go down a treat.

Drink - Make up a ballerina fruity pink punch using blackcurrant or strawberry squash which you can add some fruit pieces and lemonade or sparkling water to give it a bit of a fizz!

5. Ballerina 'Going Home' Gifts

We have some very pretty handmade ballerina party bags on our site. Our ballerina paper bags are ideal to fill with lots of things from our party bag fillers range which include lovely hair accessories and pretty necklace and bracelet sets the girls will love.

To see the full range of our ballerina party supplies, just click here.

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