Great ideas of what to put into your Party Bags

Posted on 26th August 2012
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Most kids have a particular theme for their party for example Princess party, Pirate party and so on. Whatever theme you choose, it is a good idea to have a party bag that fits in with the party theme, however this is by no means necessary.
It can be quite time consuming planning what to fill your childrens party bags with, let alone rushing around the shops buying bits and pieces, so we thought we'd help you out with a few ideas for some great party bag fillers boys and girls will love.

Top 5 Ideas for Boys Party Bag Fillers:

1. Toys - Small pocket money toys are great and they are fairly cheap too. Go for things like small racing cars, water pistols, puzzles, bouncy balls, wall crawlers, jumping beans, plastic bugs, bouncy putty, whistles and puzzles.
2. Books- Any type of book, reading, colouring, sticker, puzzle books all make wonderful party gifts.
3. Masks- Animal masks are fun especially if you have a jungle theme. For a pirate party, items like eye patches, pirate hats, pirate hooks, fake moustaches are great to use.
4. Stationery - Pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners and note books come in lots of boys themes and designs.
5. T-shirts- Whether they are plain, personalised or printed, a t-shirt is a great gift that each child can make good use of. Boys can even decorate their own as part of the party entertainment.

Top 5 Ideas for Girls Party Bag Fillers:

1. Jewellery and hair accessories- Girls love necklaces, bracelets and hair accessories and we have lots of different styles available in lovely girly themes.
2. Bags and Purses- We sell small handbags and mini purses which you can either put into party bags or use as an alternative to a party bag. You can fill them some sweets, bubbles, balloons if you wish to add an extra treat.
3.Stationery - Most girls love pencils with eraser toppers, mini notebooks, mini stampers, stickers, keyrings etc which are great to fill party bags with.
4. Craft Items- Girls love making things, so how about getting them to decorate things at the party such as a paper party bag, photo frame, pencil case, trinket box or a flower pot.
5. Tattoo Transfers - Tattoos are available in girly themes and they make wonderful party bag fillers. They are easy to apply and girls just love them!

Most of our party bag fillers are under £1 however many kids love sweets and look out for them in their party bags! We also have a small range of party sweets that you can add to your party bags too.

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