Great Party Bag Ideas for Kids Parties

Posted on 24th May 2011
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Giving party bags or some form of gift is essential if you are having a party for your child. If you’ve never thrown a party for your child before, here are some ideas for party bags that you can give to the kids:

Cheap and cheerful plastic loot bags
Everyone is probably familiar with plastic loot bags as they are commonly used at parties.
You can buy them in many different themes, such as popular licensed characters, so they are great if you are looking for a party bag to co-ordinate with your party theme.
Most are of a standard size but you can get extra large ones too.

Paper Party Bags
Paper bags are growing in popularity, as parent’s want something other than plastic.
They are not considerably more expensive than plastic loot bags, but they certainly look more premium and they are kind to the environment as an added bonus!
What’s so good about them is that you can add your own personal touch to them, decorate them however you wish or just simply add a gift tag.
You can buy plain block bottom paper party bag and paper party bag with handles.

Party Boxes with Handles
These fold up boxes are great as they come in so many colours so you can find a colour that blends in with your party. Like the paper bags they can be personalised or decorated. Not only are they great party bags, try using them as food boxes instead of plates.

Kids Party Cups or Buckets
Cups work really well as party bags, well who says it has to be a bag?
You can use paper cups or plastic beakers, fill them with toys and treats and cover them with cellophane and ribbon.
Small enamel buckets are great to use too as they come with a handle.

Fabric Party bags
A superb alternative and they can be used long after the party is over.
They really are a gift in themselves, so you needn’t fill them with loads of gifts unless you are very generous!

The list is endless as to what you can give as a thank you gift. Most parent’s use some form of party bag to put the gifts inside which makes it easier for the children to carry home.

 Pop along to our kids party bags page to see what treasures we have lined up for you and to give you lots of party bag ideas.


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