Great things to do with Tissue Paper

Posted on 9th January 2013
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No not that type of Tissue Paper!  We’re talking about the lovely, crunchy, delicate sheets of tissue paper that come in so many wonderful colours.

Tissue paper is usually associated with gift wrapping as that’s where you’ll often find them in the shops, but there is certainly more to just gift wrapping that tissue paper is useful for!

Here’s a few great ideas of how to put tissue paper to good use:

Jazz up your Party Bags
Paper party bags
in particular look extra special with a piece of tissue paper lined inside the bag.
To stop the party bag toys and fillers from rattling around the bag, wrap the gifts up instead and then place them in the bag.

Make Party Decorations
Tissue Paper can be a bit tricky to handle as it can tear so easily, but if you buy good quality paper it should be easier to work with.
You can make paper chain decorations, garlands, flower table centre piece decorations.
(The picture below is from Martha Stewarts site - great ideas on there!)

Works of Art
Kids will love making pictures. Just give them lots of sheets of coloured tissue, glue, safe scissors and away they go!
They can even make stained glass window pictures.

Greeting Cards
Make your own Birthday cards, Thank You cards, Party Invites. Small pieces of scrunched up tissue make great little 3D flowers! (Image below from Martha Stewart's site)

Decoupage Objects
Decoupage is a method of covering an object with decorative tissue paper using a special glazing decoupage glue. You can decorate plain picture frames, wooden coat hangers, vases, plant pots, trinket boxes, to name a few.
Simply get lots of small cuttings of tissue paper and paste them onto the item using a brush dipped in the glue.

Decorative Easter Eggs
A couple of months yet till Easter, but here’s an idea to create gorgeous Easter Eggs and win that school competition (if they still have them that is!)
Use ‘blown out’ eggs or just buy artificial paper ones and decorate them with cut out tissue paper shapes. A bit like decoupage but on an egg! (Another fab idea from Martha Stewart!)

See there’s lots you can do with tissue paper! We’ve just added a new range of good quality tissue paper to our site, perfect to do all of the above with.

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