Halloween Party Fun!

Posted on 9th October 2014
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22 days till Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!....remember that song from the movie?

If you're planning a party for this kids this year, there are many great games you can play to keep them on their toes.
But if you want them to settle down a bit but still have lots of fun, then Pass The Parcel is the game you are looking for!

We have adapted our exclusive Pass the Parcel Boxes to a Halloween theme and have filled them with lots of scary toys & sweets. Each box is wrapped and decorated with a Halloween design label which can be personalised with a message for no additional cost. All the gifts are individually wrapped and nestled amongst heaps of red blood shredded tissue paper!


The boxes range from a party small party of 8 to a bigger party upto 24 guests.
You can see the full range of Halloween Pass The Parcel Games under Halloween party on our website.

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