How to choose the right party bags to fill.

Posted on 29th October 2012
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The thing is, there are so many party bags to choose from, which one do you go for?

If you are having a particular character themed party, such as Hello Kitty or Moshi Monsters, you can buy plastic loot bags really cheaply in those themes to match.
If the theme is more important to you than the quality, then these bags are ideal.

If your party theme is not based on a character but is more general like Pirate, Princess, Jungle, then your choice is unlimited and you can really stretch your imagination and be as creative as you dare.

It does depend on how much you are willing to spend per bag, but think about the look too.

If for example you are having a Pirate themed party, perhaps you’d like to have everything black and red or for a Disco party you might want to have a mixture of bright colours.
Paper party bags are great as they come in a range of different colours, so given this choice, paper party bags may suit you better.

Take into consideration what you would like to put into your party bag. If you’d like to put a book in, you’ll have to get party bags big enough to get the book into. For most standard size books it would be better to buy paper bags with handles as these are bigger or even party boxes which are like ‘happy meal’ style boxes.

The larger the party bag, the more you have to fill it! It would look a bit mean to have a big party bag and only fill it with a few small toys and sweets, so take this into account.
If you do plan on just giving a few small pocket money toys and sweets, perhaps it would be better to use a smaller party bag such as our party gift cups. You don’t have to put lots in these cups for them to look impressive!

If you’re after more of a luxury party bag, then a fabric party bag would be ideal.
Although more expensive, they are party bags that will last and a gift in it’s own right.
We have a wide range of fun fabric party bags for boys and girls that can be personalised with a name or message too.

At the end of the day the choice is yours to make and our aim at Best Kids Party is to provide you with the best range of kids party bags you will find, just to make that task a little bit easier!

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