How to create Yummy Festive Party Bags

Posted on 5th November 2012
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Christmas is all about indulgence and delicious food, so what better way to say ‘thank you’ than to give a party bag filled with scrumptious treats!
Here’s a few ideas of things you could do:

Cookie Filled Party Bags:
Cookies are great, as they are simple to make in large batches. Once you’ve found the right recipe and mastered the art of making them, they can be turned around in no time at all. You can make lots festive shapes, such as gingerbread men, stars, baubles, xmas trees, reindeers which you can decorate with coloured icing.
Why not personalise them too with a special Christmas message!
Just put them into a cellophane bag which can be clear, plain or designed and tie the bag with some festive ribbon to give it a lovely finishing touch.

Cupcake Filled Party Bags:
Cupcakes work really well. You can decorate them with any topping you wish and again you can either put them into cellophane bags or perhaps use a clear plastic cupcake box or a party box. You can still add finishing touches such as ribbon and perhaps a gift tag.

Sweetie Filled Party Bags:
Traditional penny sweets work best as they are small enough. You could make sweet cones using cellophane bags and fill them with lots of sweets and tie with ribbon.
Or you could create sweetie cups and cover them with cellophane and tie the top with ribbon.
As an alternative to sweets, you could always substitute this with dried fruit such as raisins, fruit flakes, fruit ‘winders’, apricots, died banana and so on.

Snowman Soup:
Create little bags of delicious Hot Chocolate mix along with some mini marshmallows and tie with festive ribbon. A very simple yet effective idea.

These are just a few ideas of edible party bags that are suitable for children and adults alike.
Whatever treats you decide to put in a party bag, just think about how it will be presented and make sure the contents won’t get damaged or squashed.

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