How to have a successful Do-It-Yourself Kids Party

Posted on 13th March 2013
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Not everyone can afford the luxury of a party entertainer or a venue that takes complete control of the party for you, year after year. Doing this can set you back a small fortune!
This is why many parents choose to have a party at home or one that they run themselves.

Choosing the DIY option does however require some time planning it, especially when it comes to the entertainment.

If your home is too small you can perhaps consider having it in stages throughout the day. Read our previous article which will give you more ideas about this. Otherwise you can hire a hall or find another suitable venue.
If your child’s birthday is in the Summer months, a garden party is ideal, however one cannot predict good old British weather!

It is not as easy running the party yourself, so you will need to get family members and friends to help out and allocate tasks to them.

First of all, plan out the two hour party and think about what type of activities you want to do and games to play. Once you are happy with your plan, you will need to purchase all the necessary party supplies and items.

Here’s a few ideas of activities you can do:

  • Craft activity – Decorate objects like a picture frame, money box, mug, fabric bag, paper party bag etc. 
  • Decorate Cookies or Cupcakes.
  • Girls party – tattoos, nail painting
  • Face Painting
  • Party Games – Passing the Parcel, Treasure Hunt, Pin the Tail Games, Musical Statues etc.

To help you with planning the party, here is an example of a typical two hour party which starts at 12pm:

12-12.30pm – As the kids arrive, give them a bit of time to settle in. Play music in the background and let them mingle a bit until most kids arrive. This is a good time to get any face painting, nails, tattoos done, which one of your helpers can sort out while you welcome the guests in.

12.30-1pm – Gather them together and start your first activity. If you are planning a craft activity, it’s probably better to do this first. Don’t spend too long, half an hour is usually enough, so choose a craft activity that is not too complicated.

1-1.30pm – Food time and birthday cake time

1.30-2pm – Play Party Games. Keep them short so perhaps you can fit in three games which lasts 10 minutes each.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly two hours flies past!

Oh and don’t forget to prepare party bags for the kids before they leave!

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