How to make your Baby's 1st Birthday Party one to remember!

Posted on 28th February 2011
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Plan your party at a time when your baby is usually wide awake and happy, so after a morning or afternoon nap. This will probably be an ideal time for other babies & parents too.
Keep the party fairly short, 1-11/2 hours is usually enough.
Don’t do everything on the actual day! If you are having a party at home, try and set up the room the day before. Helium Foil Balloons usually last a week and Helium filled Latex Balloons last a couple of days, so setting up a day before the party is ideal.
Most cold food preparation can be done the day before, but if you prefer to do this on the actual day (especially baked food) then at least this is all you have to worry about on the day!
It’s always a good idea to lay out a small table of finger food suitable for the little ones and a separate table for adults, so as to avoid the smaller children eating any foods containing nuts or things you’d rather they didn’t eat. On the child’s table you can then lay out appropriate tableware like plates and napkins, a centrepiece decoration in fun 1st Birthday Themes and make it look really special. It will look wonderful in the photo’s for your child to look back on in years to come!
Ideas of things to do at the 1st birthday party:
1. Clear a space in the room and set up a ‘play area’ with play mats and suitable toys to keep the little ones’ entertained.
2. If you have a play ring, buy some inexpensive play balls and create a ‘ball pool’
3. Play some nursery rhyme music in the background or sing songs if you’re good a singing!
4. To make the party extra memorable, create a ‘guest book’ for family and friends to write a special message to the birthday child. You can then add photo’s of the party to it and this makes a wonderful keepsake gift for your child.
5. Wrap up a soft toy and give it to each child to unwrap. They will probably be more interested in the sound of the paper, but then they will also have a gift to take home!
One year olds don’t expect party bags at the end of a party, however it is always a nice touch to give a small gift to your child’s friends as a special ‘thank you’ and it completes the party in a lovely way.
Party Bags can be filled with a soft toy, raisins or suitable snacks instead of sweets that they cannot eat.
Some points to remember for a successful party:
- Put another adult in charge of taking photos or recording the party, this way you can enjoy it without worrying about taking photos, plus you will be too busy.
- Make sure there is somewhere suitable to do nappy changes for your guests.
- Ensure your house or venue is safe for wondering little ones, keep small or breakable objects out of the way and check that your stair gates and fireguards are in place.
- Try and keep pets out of the way.
- Finally relax and enjoy this very special day, after all it is once in a lifetime!



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