How to plan a fantastic 1st Birthday Party for your Baby.

Posted on 18th January 2013
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A new month, a new year, a new beginning……
There seems to be an abundance of births in January, I suppose you could say that about any month, but lately I’ve been writing out so many new baby cards to friends and there’s more to come in the next few weeks!
Of course with every little bundle of joy being born, this means that before you know it you’ll be celebrating their 1st birthday!

A first birthday shouldn’t go by without some form of celebration and what better way than to throw a party for your baby.

Here’s a few tips on how to make your baby’s special day one to remember:

Whether you are planning on having a small or big party, plan it for a time when your baby is usually wide awake and happy and keep the party fairly short. A couple of hours is usually enough before your little one will become tired and grisly. All that attention can be quite tiring on them!

Try to plan ahead and ask for help from family and friends. Perhaps they can help with the food preparation, take the photos at the party or be in charge of the party supplies and decorations.

Give your room that special 1st birthday atmosphere by using 1st birthday party supplies, such as laying the table with 1st birthday themed tableware and putting up 1st birthday decorations.


If you are having other young children at the party, you can set up a small table of food suitable for them, separate from the adult’s food. Chances are though they’d want to eat from the adults table!

To keep the little ones entertained, you can create a small play area in the room with soft play mats and cushions or get a play ring and fill it with bright coloured play balls like you see at soft play areas.
At this age they are probably quite happy entertaining themselves!

It's quite a nice idea to have a guest book to pass around the adults and older children, for them to write a special birthday message for your baby. It’s a great keepsake gift to look at in years to come.

Don’t forget the party bags for the kids! You might think that it’s not necessary for a 1st birthday party, but if you have other children attending, it would be nice gesture to give them a party bag or a gift.
For the other babies or toddlers, make sure the party bag is suitable for them.
You can fill them with soft toys and healthy snacks.
Bath time gifts are very popular, such as our Rubber Ducky Gift Cups.

The most important thing is to have lots of fun and make your party one to remember forever!

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