Ideas for a Magical Fairy Themed Party

Posted on 12th November 2012
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If your child is having a party for their birthday in the coming months, a Fairy themed party is quite appropriate at this time of the year, when everyone is into the magical spirit of Christmas.

Here’s some wonderful ideas of how to throw the best Fairy party ever:

Sending out your Fairy Invites:
Think of a creative way to send out your party invites.  You could add some magical fairy dust by sprinkling some glitter inside the envelopes. Don’t forget to tell your guests to come dressed in their best fairy outfits!

 How to decorate your party room to create a magical fairy atmosphere:
There are lots of fairy themed decorations available to buy, so think about possibly having some hanging decorations that can be hung from the ceiling, wall decorations or bunting.
If you have a creative streak, why not make your own bunting by cutting out fairy shapes, decorating them and threading them on string or ribbon.
Try using fabric drapery. You could drape silk or tulle around the walls of the room and attach flowers to make it look pretty.
Filled helium balloons in tonal colours will uplift the room.
There is plenty of tinsel in the shops at this time of year along with some glittery decorations which you can use to enhance the room.
Scatter the floor with artificial rose petals.

For the party table, you can use fairy themed tableware or perhaps just plain colours. You could opt for a plain table cover and have printed design plates or have a printed table cover and have plain plates. To enhance the look of the table, you could roll up paper napkins and tie with a piece of tinsel and scatter the table with glittery confetti or rose petals.

Fairy party Entertainment:
To keep the little fairies entertained think about having a combination of games and activities.
Games can be traditional party games played with a fairy twist, such as ‘musical fairies’ and ‘Fairy Pass the Parcel’.
Activities can be things like:
Decorate your own fairy dust pot or trinket box
Make a Fairy Wand or Tiara
Fairy Cake decorating
Face painting and fairy tattoos
Nail painting
Hair dressing

Fairy Party Bags:
A party bag could comprise of gifts like:
Fairy hair accessories, bubbles, mini fairy wands, lip gloss, a bottle of fairy dust, tattoos.
Present the little gifts in something more luxurious like an organza gift bag, a printed fabric bag or a paper bag.
Add a little glitter or confetti to each bag to carry out the fairy theme right to the end! 

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