Ideas for Creating Goody Bags for the Kids this Christmas

Posted on 7th December 2012
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Goody bags or party bags make great little gifts for children, especially at this time of year.
Although kids get their main gifts from Santa, it’s also lovely to give them additional smaller gifts, which they know is from you! They also make lovely token gifts to your child’s friends and any young relatives you have too. If you have more than one child, you could help your child create goody bags for their brothers and sisters.

Here’s just a few ideas of how you can create some great looking, inexpensive party bag gifts:

Fabric Gift Bags:
Fabric bags for kids work really well and can be a great substitute for the traditional Christmas stocking.
You can easily make your own if you are a dab hand at sewing and a great fabric to use is cotton which you can buy in festive reds, greens, browns or just natural if you prefer.
You can decorate your fabric bags with fabric pens and paints to give a hand finished touch, or if you are slightly more professional, you can add festive embroidery designs like a Xmas tree, Santa etc.
It’s always lovely to give a personalised fabric bag, with a name or a short message that reads something like ‘Merry Christmas Sam’.

Paper Gift Bags:
Paper bags with handles
look great too and would be slightly cheaper than using fabric.
These paper party bags are available in a range of bright festive colours and there is so much you can do to Jazz them up!
You can hand decorate and personalise them using festive art and craft materials which are readily available this time of year.
Another gorgeous way to personalise these bags is to add lovely party bag tags which you can tie on with festive ribbon or jute. If you have any spare or old Christmas cards lurking around from last year, cut out some fun motifs stick them onto blank while card and cut around the shape again. Use a hole punch to make a hole and hey presto you have a made your own gift tag which you can personalise.
Personalised wooden party bag tags look really effective too. You can tie them onto the handle of the paper bag and afterwards they can be used to hang in your child’s room as a keepsake gift.

Party Boxes:
Party boxes
are wonderful to decorate and are available in an array of bright colours to choose from.
Like the paper party bags, you can decorate them in the same way and add gift tags to create lovely festive personalised party boxes.

Once you have created your outer packaging party bag or gift box, you can then fill them with lots of fun stocking fillers and small gifts which are sure to keep the kids amused long after Christmas Day!

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