Ideas for Great Party Bags on a Low Budget

Posted on 10th January 2013
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January is a month faced with bills, bills and more bills and doubly expensive for those throwing a party for their child.
Parties are generally expensive especially if you plan to have an entertainer and by the time parent’s come to organise the party bags there is usually very little money left!

Great looking party bags needn’t be expensive though, it’s usually just a case of forward planning and using lots of imagination.
If you’re lost for thoughts, here are some great ideas for interesting party bags on a tight budget:

Paper bags - you can decorate plain paper party bags with each child's name or get them to do it as part of the party activity. Add a piece of tissue paper to make them look extra special and you can fill them with a few inexpensive small toys and treats.

Filled Balloons – Pop a few small pocket money toys (something without a pointy end) into a balloon and blow them up with Helium gas. Attach some curling ribbon and they will look super cool!

Single gifts – You don’t need to give a party ‘bag’ if you don’t want to. Just buy a single gift for each child, books and stationary sets are quite popular and you can give them out along with a piece of cake or some sweets.

Sweetie bags Sweet filled bags and cups look great and kid’s love sweets!
Stripe Candy Bags look very effective, you can personalise them and they are very cheap to buy.

Cookie bags – It’s relatively inexpensive to bake a batch of cookies, decorate them and put them into cellophane bags tied with ribbon. Kids will love them!

Lucky Dip – The kids get to delve into a lovely lucky dip box filled with great toys and sweets as they leave the party. Just make sure you allow for enough gifts for all the children as you don’t want anyone to be left without!

£1 Scratch Cards – This one is for the slightly older kids. You could buy each guest a scratch card and place in a bag with some sweets. Who knows it could make one of them rich and then they’ll thank you for it!

Being a bit different usually hides the fact that you might not have spent that much.
Whatever you decide to do, most kids are easily pleased so don’t get too stressed about it.
Time is usually the factor for most parents, so if you don’t have time to put together all the components yourself, let us do it for you and make you some great looking prefilled party bags that won’t cost the earth!

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