It's Graduation time - even for the little one's!

Posted on 11th July 2011
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I had never heard of a Graduation ceremony (and not just a pretend one!) for a child of nursery age or any child for that matter, until I caught up with Elizabeth Graney, a mum, experienced business woman and my wonderful business coach. So here's her story of the day she beamed with pride and joy:
"It’s that time of year again when the schools have their prom balls and parents have to fork out for graduation ceremonies, but I was proud to be the parent at one ceremony only last week with my daughter who is only 3 ½ years old and off to school in September! It was her nursery graduation and we had an amazing time.
A graduation ceremony at 3 ½ I hear you all say OMG! Maybe, but the children had a super time and afterwards we had a great little party for them all too. Each of the children were dressed up in their ceremony cloaks and hats, received a scroll and present from the nursery and the ceremony itself had most of the parents in tears.
At this time of year with so much going on and children of all ages graduating and changing school, college or other, it’s the perfect time for a family party. Are you celebrating yourself? It doesn’t matter what age your children are, at the end of the school, college or university year it is the perfect time to celebrate their success and accomplishments.
I know myself that we were so proud of Isabella and maybe, hopefully in twenty year’s time we will be doing it at university too all over again! Often we don’t stop to celebrate things in life and this time of year should be celebrated, its an excuse to invite friends and family to share in your pride and I am sure that Best Kids Party would have the ideal range of party tableware to compliment the occasion too.
So let’s celebrate our children’s success whatever their ages, young and old alike deserve the recognition of their work, achievement and survival of another academic year! Congratulations to you all whatever your age from EAG Consultancy and Best Kids Party".
Written by Mrs Elizabeth Graney
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