Madagascar 3

Posted on 17th October 2012
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It's half term for my girls next week and i've promised to take them to see Madagascar 3: Europes's Most Wanted.
(Actually I think i'm more excited than they are!)

If you've seen Madagascar 1 & 2, you kind of know what the film is about, but if not, here's a brief synopsis of this latest film:

" Your favourite castaways are back- and as the title suggests, they're shaking things up in Europe this time.
Just how do a Lion, Zebra, Hippo, Giraffe, four Penguins, two Monkeys and three Lemurs get back home to New York without attracting attention?
They decide to join the travelling circus, but their efforts to return to the Big Apple are hampered by the Captain of Animal Control."

The film is out in cinemas this Friday Oct 19th.
If you're birthday falls around the same time as this film, why not throw a 'Safari' or 'Jungle' themed party?
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