New Pass the Parcel Boxes

Posted on 7th August 2012
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It's been a bit long overdue we know, but we have finally added Unisex Pass the Parcel box options to our site, so now boys and girls can share a pass the parcel game.
For those who don't really know what a pass the parcel box is, well basically it's our own unique version of the party game.
It's a great alternative to the traditional game which involves unwrapping layers of paper to get to each gift. With our pass the parcel boxes, all the gifts are individually wrapped and placed inside the box amongst heaps of shredded tissue, still maintaining that wonderful surprise element!
Our boxes can be wrapped in a choice of colours and designs to suit and they look very effective too.

Each box is available for 8, 16 or 24 guests, however you can add additional gifts for a small extra charge.

Not only can the pass the parcel box be used to play the game, it can be used in the form of giving out party prizes for various games and activities or even as an end of party going home treat.
So say for example you run of out of time to play the pass the parcel game, you can always use the box as a 'lucky Dip' as the guests leave the party.

As an added bonus, the party girl or boy can use the box after the party to store their little nic nacs too!


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