New range of Traditional Toys & Gifts

Posted on 28th February 2011
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We have been busy adding our wonderful new range of traditional toys and gifts to our website, so if you are looking for the ideal birthday present look no further!
For Babies and Toddlers under the age of 3 years, we have carefully selected toys that are safe, colourful, durable, fun to play with and encourge many different skills, such as fine motor skills, colour recognition and hand-eye co-ordination. One of our personal favourites is the Classic Skwish. This toy is colourful and it can be 'squished and squashed' and it always regains it's original shape. Babies and Toddlers might get some teething satisfaction from this toy too!

For older children we have a wide collection of toys, some of which bring back some old memories! (no i'm not that old!) We have the good old Jack in a Box, but with a teddy twist!  There's the Rubik's cube (I'll admit now that I cheated by pulling off the stickers!), Revival of the Space Hopper and Spinning  Humming Top.

Traditional toys make perfect birthday gifts for kids, as they are not so commonly found on the high street. Most of them are made from good quality wood and tend to last much longer than the typical plastic toy. 



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