Our Favourite Party Bag Fillers

Posted on 15th September 2012
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We just love the toys and gifts that go into party bags, otherwise known as Party Bag Fillers.
They are all stacked on our shelves at Best Kids Party HQ and are a joy to look at every day, bringing an array of bright colours to our stock room!
If you're stuck and not sure what to put into your party bags, these are some of our most popular party bag fillers to help you out:

Girls Party Bag Filler Ideas:
1. Tattoos - We sell small tattoo transfers in various princess designs. They are very easy to apply and remove and look great, girls love them!
We will be adding some more tattoo designs to our range very soon.
2. Bubbles - Our bubble wands in particular are a great size for party bags of all sizes. They are pink and very girly!
3. Mini Purses - Our mini purses double up as keyrings and come with hair elastics. Available in lovely designs and colours, they will brighten up your party bags.
4. Jewellery - We have lots of girls necklace and bracelet sets at very reasonable prices, much cheaper than some well known high street stores.
Girls love dressing up in jewellery and rings, so you can't really go wrong with this choice.
Stationary - Mini note books, pencils, erasers are very popular. We have them in butterfly, princess and fairy themes. They are a great size for party bags and very useful for the girls too!

Boys Party Bag Filler Ideas:
1. Cars & Trucks - Our pull back cars and trucks are great fun, just pull them back and watch them whizz around!
2. Window Crawlers - We have window crawler men and crawler insects. They have sticky feet, just throw them at a window and watch them crawl down!
(Not just for boys, girls and adults love them too!)

3. Bouncy Balls and Bouncy Putty - Colourful and a fun addition to party bags.
4. Flying Gliders - These are very lightweight foam glider planes that boys love putting together themselves and then whizzing through the air!
5. Whistles - Let's admit it, most boys love making lots of noise! Our Soccer whistles are sturdy and come in lovely bright colours.

We have plenty of fun party bag fillers for boys and girls to choose from and the good thing is that they won't break the bank! The majority of our gifts are under £1 and lots under 50p.

Don't forget that we also have sweets ideal for party bags, some very popular one's too!

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