Our Party Bags are not just for Birthday Parties!

Posted on 24th December 2012
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Party bags are always associated with birthday parties, but in fact they can be used for any special occasion where you would like to give a small gift to say thank you.
They are ideal to give out at weddings, christenings, name day ceremonies, Bar Mitzvah’s to name a few.

We have had several requests to make personalised party bags, to use as wedding favours.
They can be given out to the younger guests or adults too if you like.
Our party bags are all handcrafted per order and can be personalised with any message you wish, so you can adapt them for any occasion.

We have many different styles of personalised party bags to choose from, which include Paper Party Bags, Fabric Party Bags, Party Gift Cups and Party Boxes.

Of course if you’d prefer not to have personalised party bags, then you can buy plain party bags available in all the above styles.

You can fill these party bags with anything you like, however just check the size of the party bag or box beforehand.
For the children we have an ever increasing range of party bag filler toys and gifts at cheap prices, enough to keep them entertained for a good while.

If you don’t have time, then choose one of our prefilled party bags which are party bags to go!


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