Party Bag Inspiration for Older Kids

Posted on 20th February 2013
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Your child is turning a big 10 and you’re probably wondering whether you should give party bags to your child’s friends at this age. If you’re having a group of your child’s friends over or whether you are taking them out, it’s always a good gesture to end the occasion with a token gift of some kind.

Choosing gifts for party bags for younger children, especially from the age of 5 to 8 years of age is a simpler task, as they are much more easily entertained and pleased at this age. But from the age of 9 upwards it gets much harder to decide what type of gifts to give.

Here’s some great party bag ideas that you can give to older children:

Ideas for older Girls:

  • Pamper products – great for a sleepover party! Things like body and hand cream, lip balm, hair brush, bath sponge, nail file etc.
  • Make up & Beauty – nail varnish, lip gloss, eye shadow, tattoo transfers, body stickers, nail art stickers.
  • Item of clothing – such as a T-shirt or a pair of socks.
  • Accessories – Hair accessories, costume jewellery, key rings
  • Craft Activity Gifts – ‘make your own’ products are ideal for this age group.

Ideas for older Boys:

  • Sports related products – Balls, whistles
  • Clothing – T-shirt, pair of socks, baseball caps
  • Collectors Cards or Stickers
  • Lottery Scratch Card
  • Books

If you child is having a themed party, it’s a good idea to give something that relates to the party theme.
Of course your child might have a good few ideas of their own, so it’s worth discussing it with them first.

Nostalgic sweets always goes down a treat and so does cupcakes, cookies, cake pops to name a few.

Think of ways to present your gifts, whether it’s a party bag, party box, or simply just wrapping your gifts in coloured tissue and tying with ribbon.

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