School Holiday is a perfect time to throw a Surprise Party for your child!

Posted on 17th August 2012
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If like mine, your child's birthday is over the summer holidays, why not think about having a surprise party?
Being an August born myself, I know all too well what it's like not being able to have a 'full blown' class party on my actual birthday, as most of my friends were away over the hols.
I clearly remember my 7th birthday party (it was a very very long time ago, i must have a good memory!) where my mum invited my whole class to my party and somehow didn't chase up any replies. It was at home and she laid the table with so much party food, expecting everyone just to turn up. I remember sitting there in my pink check dress waiting anxiously for the door bell, which only rang 3 times as just 3 of my class friends turned up!! Well at least we had loads of food to get through!!! Think after that experience, she never organised a party for me again:(((

Many parents throw a party for their child before schools break up, so that most kid's are around to attend, however this can also be a very hectic time with school fayre's, end of term concerts etc going on.
Personally I didn’t have time to organise a party before my daughter broke up from school, so decided to throw a bit of a last minute, surprise party for her instead. I explained to her she is going to have a small family party this year instead and she was quite accepting of this. As long as the word ‘party’ and ‘birthday cake’ was mentioned she was quite happy. 
In the meantime, I decided to hold the party at home, praying for dry weather and emailed as many of her friends parents I could. Surprisingly I got a good response, which was pretty much half her class.

My daughter was absolutely clueless right up to the point when her the first friend arrived!!! What a surprise that was for her, if only I took a picture of the look on her face!!!
I hired a bouncy castle for the day too and when she saw it, she thought I’d hired it just for her and her little sister!

Well of course it was easy for me sorting out all the party bags and tableware as it’s what I do, however if you do plan a surprise party, all the better to buy it from us online and you can then be a bit discreet about the parcel when it arrives, especially the pre-filled party bags.

In the end they all had a lovely afternoon, luckily the sun came out too. Apart from the bouncy castle we played lots of party games, including our famous Pass the Parcel game.
One of the best things about organising a surprise party for your child is the fact that you don’t get harassed so much on a daily basis! When your child knows they are having a birthday party, believe me, you won’t hear the end of it!
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