Spring Birthday Party - Inside or Outside?

Posted on 24th April 2013
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Finally we are getting some decent weather, which is long overdue to say the least!
But if your child’s birthday is in April/May the weather can still be very unpredictable.
Of course there’s April Showers to think about (which to be honest tends to happen all year round anyway) but it’s a time when we can have all sorts of weather thrown at us!

To overcome this weather dilemma, it’s best to plan an indoor party and if possible have an outdoor area where the kids can go out to play if the weather is pleasant.
If you are planning a party at home and have a house with a garden, then this is ideal.
If you’ve booked a venue that doesn’t have an outdoor area, don’t worry as it’s only a couple of hours that they will be indoors anyway.

Even if you have the party inside you can still opt for a more spring like theme such as Butterflies & Bugs or a girly Flower Power theme. We have lots of great party themed tableware to choose from:


For party games, you don’t necessarily have to play outdoor games. You can adapt popular indoor games into your spring party theme and play games like ‘Pin the wing on the Butterfly’ or ‘Pin the spots on the ladybird’.
If you decide to play Pass the Parcel game, you can wrap up some gifts that relate to the party theme.

Parties do have to be planned in advance if you are having a fair amount of guests, but one thing you can’t plan is the weather, so best not to take any risks and opt for an indoor party to be on the safe side!

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