The best way to throw a kids party in a small home.

Posted on 22nd February 2013
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Most people live in small to medium size houses or flats and not everyone can afford to hire a party venue such as a hall or even a venue that runs children’s parties.
DIY parties are popular, but not having enough space at home can put a lot of people off from having a party especially if you have lots of children to invite.

One great way of organising a party in a small home is to have it in sessions or time slots.
This may sound a bit structured, as not all children will be able to be together at the same time, but it does have its benefits.

This is how you go about organising this type of party:

  • Once you have confirmed numbers of who can attend, you need to allocate time slots for each child. For example if you’ve got 24 kids coming then you could either have 2 sessions with 12 kids or 3 sessions with 8 kids.
  • If you know the kids well, you can try and form groups by mixing up personalities in a way that you know will work and they will all get on.
  • Each session should be no more than two hours long, with a break in between to recuperate before the next slot.
  • If you are having 3 sessions, ideal time slots would be 10-12pm, 1-3pm and 4-6pm.
  • For each session, plan something different so that it isn’t repetitive for the birthday child.
  • Ideas of things to do at each session could be craft activities, playing party games such as pass the parcel, decorating a cupcake or cookie, watching a DVD and so on.
  • For food you can prepare a fresh selection either the morning of the party and keep it refrigerated until you need it at each session or you can prepare something in between each time slot. Your child may want to blow out candles 2 or 3 times so that each lot of friends gets to sing happy birthday. This should certainly make your child feel very special that day!

You can get family and friends to help you at home on the day, maybe they want to come along and help in sessions too. Keeping the children entertained should be more manageable in smaller groups and you can have more fun.
Although it could end up feeling like a long, tiring day by the time the last lot of party guests leave, your house won’t be trashed (or at least you hope not) and you won’t feel as frazzled as you would with 24 kids all in one go!

A birthday is a day of celebration so what better excuse than to make it last all day long! 

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