Top 10 Easter Party ideas

Posted on 5th April 2011
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Easter is fast approaching and if you are planning on having a birthday party for your Child/ren over the Easter holiday or throwing an Easter Party, here are some Top 10 ideas for games to play at the party whether it's indoors or outdoors:

1. Traditional Easter Egg Hunt - There are many different ways you can do this either outdoors or indoors. You can hide chocolate eggs, decorated eggs, plastic eggs, anything you wish! Set some clues for younger children such as a sweetie trail, or written notes leading to the next egg.
2. Decorate an Easter Egg - Set out a table with lots of craft supplies and each child can have fun decorating an egg. You can use either hard boiled eggs or buy plastic or ceramic one's specially for decorating. Or if you are brave enough, you can blow out a real egg and decorate the delicate shell! This will keep them busy for a while at least!
3. Egg and Spoon Race - A traditional great outdoors game. Might be better to use hard boiled or plastic eggs though!
4. Rolling Eggs Game - This is similar to a game of 'bowls' but using eggs. See how close each child can roll an egg to a target. Another great outdoors game.
5. Wack the Egg Basket - Fill an old handled basket with chocolate eggs, sweets or pocket money toys. Suspend the basket like you would a Pinata (you could hang it from a washing line outside) not too high up so that children can just about reach it. Use a stick and take it turns to hit the basket so that it swings and tips out some of the goodies.
6. Pin the Eggs in the Basket - this is an Easter version of 'pin the tail on the donkey'.
Draw a basket (doesn't have to be a work of art!) on a piece of paper and attach to wall. Cut out egg shapes from felt or card and put a sticky tab on the back of each one.
Blind fold each child in turn as they attempt to place the eggs in the basket.
7. Guess the Eggs - Fill a jar with chocolate eggs, then each child has to guess how many eggs are in the jar (but don't forget to count them as you put them in!)
8. 'Bunny, Bunny, Egg' - same game as Duck, Duck, Goose, but why not change the words!
9. Musical Bunnies - like musical statues, but each child has to hop around like bunny rabbits and freeze on the spot when the music stops.
10. 'Hot Boiled Egg' - Instead of 'Hot Potato' pass around a filled plastic egg or even a hard boiled egg.
All of these games are fairly simple and easy to play with younger children too, and the list can be endless. As you can see you don't have to invent new games all the time just simply change the words or theme.
The most important thing is to make sure each child is rewarded in some way and that they all have lots of fun!
At the end of your party it is always nice to give each child a little gift to take home with them, even if it's not a birthday party celebration.
If the children have decorated eggs at the party or collected goodies from the Easter egg hunt, you can always put them in some lovely party bags ready for them to take home.
At Best Kids Party, we design and hand make our own exclusive range of kids party bags, which are made using lots of craft material and have a three dimensional effect.
Kids will love our handmade Bunny Bag or the Easter Chick Bag, which are both perfect to fill with all the goodies from your Easter Party!

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