Top 10 Gift Ideas for Boys Party Bags

Posted on 26th May 2011
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Thinking about what to put into children's party bags can take a lot of time and planning. For those parents that simply don't have much time, here are Top 10 ideas of gifts to include that boys will love.
Most boys have a particular theme for their party for example Pirate party, Football party or Super Hero party. Whatever theme you choose, it is a nice touch to match gifts into a party theme.

Here are our Top 10 Ideas for Boys Party Bag Gifts:

1. Pocket Money Toys - Small pocket money toys are great to keep boys amused, things like window crawlers, racing cars, puzzles, bouncy balls, whistles etc. You can buy all of these small toys for under a pound.

2. Balls - Apart from bouncy balls, you can buy larger balls fairly cheaply from sports shops. Why not personalise each one with permanent marker pens!

3. Gadgets - Boys love gadgets! Small electronic games, mini calculators, anything with a button to press!

4. Puzzles - From floor puzzles, to puzzle watches, to puzzle activity books. It will certainly keep them busy.

5. Bags and Wallets - Cotton drawstring bags with motifs are great and can be filled with some smaller toys. You can even personalise them too.

6. Craft Items - Get the children to make something at the party which they can take home with them afterwards. Popular things to make and decorate are fabric party bags, pencil cases, mugs, picture frames.

7. Reading Books - You can buy value packs of fiction books from large book retailers.

8. Motif T-shirts - You can't go wrong with a T-shirt of some kind and they are fairly inexpensive.

9. Musical Instruments - Boys like making lots of noise which they can happily make with football rattles, panpipes, kazoos, plastic drums and whistles.

10. Balloons - Try filling a balloon with some sweets and small toys before blowing it up. Boys will get much pleasure from bursting them to get to the treats!

It's always nice to give them a sweet treat, here are a just a few ideas:
Sweets - Things like Haribos, Fizz Whizz, Jelly Worms & Insects, Flying Saucers
Cakes & Cookies - Be adventurous and decorate in colours relevant to the party theme. You could make animal shaped biscuits, round football cookies, Gingerbread men. There are also many styles of cake toppers available in great boys themes.

Best Kids Party have lots of boys Party Bag Fillers, Party Bags, Handmade Party Bags and Party Gifts Cups, so hopefully you will find something to keep the boys happy!


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