Top 5 Party Game Ideas for a Rainy Day

Posted on 21st June 2012
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Well it is June and we should be having long hot sunny days......ok let's stop dreaming!
The fact is, we live in the UK and can never plan an outdoor party without having a back up plan.
Not everyone can afford to hire an entertainer either, so we thought we'd give you a few ideas of fun games the children can play indoors, other than the usual games such as pass the parcel, musical statues, pin the tail on the donkey and so on.

Catch the Balloon:
Each child is given a piece of paper with a number starting from 1 which is safety pinned to their top. They then sit round in a circle and the birthday child goes first by shouting out a number whilst throwing the balloon up into the air. The child with that number then has to try and catch the balloon before it drops to the floor. If they do catch it then it is their turn to throw the balloon, bit if it drops then they are out of the game. Continue until the last player remains.

The Sweetie Team Game:
Split the kids up into two groups. Each child is given a wrapped sweet (small flat chewy bars work well). A large wide necked jar is placed in the middle of the floor and the two groups line up opposite each other on either side of the jar about 10 feet away. The children have to place their sweet between their knees and on the word GO the first child in line in each group has to walk up to the jar and try and get their sweet into it without using their hands. If they drop the sweet they have to re-join the back of the line and try again. The first group to get all their sweets in the jar wins!

Shrinking Dance Floor Game:
Get a large plastic tablecover and lay it out on the floor to create a dance floor. This is a bit like musical chairs, but when the music stops the children have to make sure they are standing on the 'dance floor'. Anyone who isn't (even a big toe off) is out. Each round the tablecover is folded in half and the game repeated until the one winner remains!

Time's Up Game:
Sit the children around in a circle. Get an egg timer or a small alarm clock and set the time to 1-2 minutes. Place it in a bag and tie the top so it doesn't drop out. The children then have to pass it around (like Hot Potato game) and the person holding the bag when the alarm goes off is out. Repeat until the last player remains.

Find the Buttons Game:
This is a great game to play throughout the party where you can call each child one at a time.
Fill a box with lots of shredded tissue paper and put a load of buttons in (you can use any smallish object too as long as you have enough of them)
Each turn is timed (30 to 60 seconds) and they have to pick out as many buttons as they can find with one hand.
Make a note of how many each child managed to pick and the child or children with the most amount of buttons picked wins a prize!

Like all games played at parties, try to encourage children not to be too competitive as you don't want kid's getting upset. It's all about having fun!

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