Top Tips on How to Plan the Best Party Bags!

Posted on 4th July 2012
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Let’s face it, Children expect a party bag at the end of a party and it has become party etiquette to provide one.
Party Bags are usually that last thing that is organized but certainly the most important. After all, a great party should end with fab party bags to remember!

Here are some useful tips on how to organize your party bags:
Know your numbers! Chase up those guest replies as early as possible so that you can decide on your budget.
If you are having a party where boys and girls are attending, think about whether you would prefer to have specific bags for boys and girls or whether you would prefer to have unisex party bags. You may need to make them age appropriate too, especially if you have younger siblings coming. All of these considerations will help in deciding on the best gifts to give.

It’s great to incorporate your party bags into a theme if you are having one, but this is not essential. An ideal party bag should include a combination of something useful, something entertaining and something edible.

A party bag doesn’t necessarily have to be a bag! There are lots of different ways you can present those wonderful party bag gifts. Just take a look at our range of unusual party gift cups and our fab range of personalised party boxes, as they make great alternatives to using party bags.
Get the kids to create their own party bag gifts at the party! If you haven’t booked an entertainer, get crafty at the party. Kids love to make and decorate things like bags, keepsakes, cupcakes, cookies to name just a few. Even better they get to take their efforts home with them too!
If possible make up your party bags a few days before the party. Don’t leave it to last minute on the day unless it’s something the kids have made at the party. There will be plenty of other things to see to and you don’t want to get into a muddle!
You can avoid the stress and time of making the bags yourself, just let us do it all for you and simply choose from our wide selection of ready made filled party bags, which can be delivered direct to your door!
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