What a Great Safari Party!

Posted on 20th May 2012
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It's been another busy weekend where my daughter attended three birthday parties - oh what a social life! (Much better than mine I have to say!)
One particular party that stood out was a Safari themed party. Luckily the weather stayed dry and was rather pleasant, as the party was held in her friend's back garden.
A gazebo was set up and decorated with soft toy animals, African carvings and decorations. It really made you feel like you were in the jungle!
The party table was very cleverly laid out with animal print coasters and white paper plates, very simple but incredibly effective. Soft toy animals were used as centre pieces and the food array was mouth watering. Whole Pineapples with cheese & mini cocktail sausage sticks,  fruit kebabs, healthy wraps, fruit Jelly - the array of colours looked very tropical.
Entertainment was fab too - a mobile Safari entertainer came to the house with his Python Snake, Tarantula, Owl, Meerkat and Scorpion.
Luckily the children were all brave and some held the snake around their necks!
Winding the party to a close after all the kid's had their face painted (my girl was a scary Tiger), they all gathered on rugs on the grass and the entertainer played his guitar and they sang 'Jungle' songs.
It was like the feeling of being around a camp fire in the jungle!
The party bags were very authentic too, Animal print bags filled with a hand made charm gift and a few sweet delights.

Alot of creativity and imagination went into this party, and it was very eco-friendly. It was both educational and entertaining and my daughter had a great time!
A fantastic party.


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