What to do with Parents that stay at your child's party.

Posted on 22nd October 2012
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When younger children are invited to a party, usually up to the age of 5, it is normally expected that their parents might stay too.
Of course there are kids that are quite confident and are not worried whether their parent’s stay or not, but for the majority, younger children would want the security of their parent’s or carers being around.

Make good use of parent’s that end up staying! Some of them will be more than willing to help out so make the most of it as there will be plenty they can help you with.

Here’s just a few things they could do:

1. Help you set up the party room with tableware and decorations

2. Help to pass around the party food, helping children open drinks, packets etc.

3. Help with kids party games, such as Pass the Parcel or Musical Statues. They can control the music or be one of the judges!

4. Any talented parent’s might save you having to pay for a professional ‘face painter’ or they could do nail painting or tattoos if it’s a girly party.

5. Finally they can help with clearing away any mess!

It might be worth asking for some of the parent’s help in advance so that they come prepared, especially if you want them to help with face painting. They might even have some paints they could lend you or some helpful face painting books.

If you can get an ideas of how many parents will be staying, this will help you prepare enough food and drinks for them.

Keep it simple! Parents won’t expect a big feast, especially if the party is in between meal times.
Just a few nibbles would be fine and there is bound to be some leftover food the kids haven’t finished too!

Don’t be worried if you don’t manage to speak to all the parents at the party. They will understand that you are busy making sure everything runs smoothly and will not expect your attention. After all it is your child’s party and the children take priority!

If you have the energy, you could always have an ‘adult’ do in the evening, once the kids have gone to bed!

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